Fresh perspectives since 2009

Medaffcon Oy was created in 2009, when three experts with a wide experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Jaana Ahlamaa, Jarmo Hahl and Tatu Miettinen, saw an opportunity to do things in a new manner, deviating from the old and familiar patterns.

They decided to provide this expertise for the use of pharmaceutical companies so that all customers could gain benefit from their expertise and new operational model. An entire team of like-minded experts with different educational and occupational backgrounds has aggregated around this core group.

Medaffcon Oy started working under the title of AT Medical Affairs Consulting Oy, but a more concise marketing name Medaffcon was soon adopted after the establishment of the company. Since spring 2016, Medaffcon Oy has been the official name of the company.

Experience and perspective

A combined total of more than 100 working years in pharmaceutical and medtech companies, solid healthcare knowledge and hundreds of successful consulting projects provide us with experience and perspective to solve your challenges.

Due to our wide-ranging knowledge background, we can approach your challenges from different angles and bring new and fresh perspectives – in a fast, flexible and tailor-made manner.

This is how we work

  1. We question and challenge familiar operational models
  2. We strive eagerly for new solutions
  3. We are the customer’s partner helping to solve even the most complex challenges

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to act as a selected strategic partner for different types of CICs in Finland and abroad. With our constant personal growth and development, we provide our customers with new significant perspectives and solutions, enabling even more lucrative growth for their businesses.

Medaffcon Oy – Our Values

  1. Ethical – we do not compromise ethics – not even when confronted with other business demands.
  2. Customer- and solution-oriented – all our activities and services aim solely at solving our customers’ challenges in a successful manner.
  3. Cooperative – wide knowledge base, wide experience and comprehensive cooperation networks enable smooth cooperation in different fields, providing us with a unique platform to serve our customers’ interests.
  4. Constantly developing – high-quality service is based on individual-level, constant personal development. We actively encourage and usher this!


Medaffcon Oy is a reliable cooperation partner also in economic terms: our credit rate is the best possible. As a proof, we have both “Strongest in Finland” certificate and Bisnode’s AAA “Highest Creditworthiness” rating.


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