Expert service and always fresh perspectives

Medaffcon offers expert consulting services for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. We provide you with all Real World Evidence, Stakeholder Perception Mapping, Medical Affairs, Market Access and Healthcare Consulting services in Finland, Nordic countries and Europe.

Our work is always based on speed, flexibility and customised solutions – solid expertise and fresh perspectives.

When you are in a situation where you cannot find an easy and clear solution, contact us – we will solve the challenges together for your benefit!

We genuinely know your challenges

We know your challenges, because we have been in similar situations – both while working in pharmaceutical and medtech companies and while solving the problematic situations of our customers. That is why we can promise to always find a solution to your challenges.

Support and help in different stages of the lifecycle

We support you in all situations, regardless of the lifecycle stage your product or service is in. No assignment is too small – or big – for us!

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