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Welcome Back Simo Jääskeläinen!

Medaffcon welcomes back its first ever recruitment!

In 2011 Simo Jääskeläinen was Medaffcon’s first recruitment. A couple of years ago Simo spread his wings to tackle new challenges and further develop his experience in different Market Access positions.

Simo has more than 12 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

Now in June, to our great joy, Simo returned to Medaffcon, taking on the responsibility of leading our Market Access team. We are glad to welcome Simo back “home”!

At Medaffcon, this experience from the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, already exceeds 130 working years, all of which is harnessed to find the best solutions for our customers. Due to our experience and over 400 Medaffcon projects, we understand our customers’ playing field probably better than any of our competitors!

Read through Simo’s whole expert profile by clicking here!

Simo Jääskeläinen - Medaffcon
Simo Jääskeläinen
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