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Risk Sharing Models in Finnish Hospitals 2017-study report now available!

Like already mentioned in my previous post it is known that different Risk-Sharing Models have been in use in western countries for the past 15 years. The enthusiasm about these models has been varying but we can say that in the last three to five years the models have enjoyed a real renaissance, mainly due to the market entry of several new pharmaceuticals aimed for rare diseases with a relatively high price. Now the models are taking wider stance also in Finland; the first national RSM was approved by the PPB last week and to our understanding there are several others on the way.

In hospitals these confidential agreements, however, have been in use already for a longer time. Unfortunately, the knowledge about the amount of them, their structures and especially the experiences of such agreements is sparse, virtually non-existent.

In order to gather this hidden knowledge, and use it in the future when building risk-sharing models that are beneficial for all parties involved, Medaffcon has executed the Risk Sharing Models in Finnish Hospitals 2017-study. The results of the study are now available and a presentation session can be reserved from Medaffcon from 16th of October onwards.

The results of the study provide a comprehensive view of the situation in Finnish hospitals in regards to the amount, types and perceived benefits of the risk-sharing models in use. With the help of this information it is easier to evaluate one’s willingness and enthusiasm to build this type of agreements, the suitable types and structures – and possibly also the capabilities needed for executing them.

In the presentation session you will receive the full study report and a PowerPoint presentation for your own use.

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