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Conditional reimbursement facilitates the introduction of new treatments

Learn about conditional reimbursement from the interview with CEO Jarmo Hahl, Medaffcon Oy.

There’s often uncertainty about total costs, cost-effectiveness and therapeutic value of new medicines. As a new method for controlling these uncertainties the so called conditional reimbursement procedure, Finnish version of Risk Sharing Agreements, for retail medicines has been introduced. It aims at safeguarding the access of Finnish patients and health care professionals to new effective medicines in sustainable way.

The opportunity to conditional reimbursement will primarily affect new medical treatments. In practice, this means new medical substances or new significant therapeutic indications of medicinal products already approved for reimbursement. The resulting agreement will include the conditions for monitoring and controlling the uncertainty of the medicinal product.

At the moment, the provisions on conditional reimbursement will remain valid for a fixed term, to the end of 2019. However, it would be beneficial to have a permanent legislation in place to secure the continuation of this new procedure which evidently has been well received by all stakeholders involved. Also, to be able to utilize the opportunities in full in Finnish health care, the availability of register data and utilization in different forms also for the purposes of monitoring conditional reimbursement agreements is of great importance.

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