Dynamic operational environment

Healthcare and health technology constantly take giant development leaps and companies in the field have to adapt to the dynamic operational environment. Since the start of its operation, Medaffcon has invested in constant development and solid cooperation networks in order to be in the avant-garde of healthcare progress.


Wide-ranging expertise and constant development

Medaffcon’s combination of expertise in health economics and medicine is something entirely unique.  By understanding both pharmaceutical and health economic perspectives, we can provide our customers with comprehensive general pictures in health promotion.

We believe that professional development at both personal and organisational level is one of the basic needs of an expert organisation, and we unconditionally invest in it.


Cooperation networks

At the centre of Medaffcon’s operation and values lies a strong cooperation network in the fields of health technology, research cooperation, academic institutions and healthcare.

We actively aim at extending our network in all healthcare sectors. We see an enormous potential in the Finnish healthcare ecosystem and want to be part of creating and supporting the development of this ecosystem.

We believe that the best results can be achieved through collaboration and development. We want to break boundaries between different actors and harness our shared expertise to reach a common goal; to produce even better treatment for patients, both in Finland and internationally.

Read more about our visions for future Finnish healthcare at futurecarefinland.fi and join our network.


Innovative work

Since its establishment, Medaffcon has aimed to create new operational practices and break prevailing practices that slow down development. In the entire organisation, innovative work is supported and invested in. We have been able to respond to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare sector in an agile manner, complementing our fields of expertise and creating new service packages every year.

As the Biobanks Act entered into force in 2013, Medaffcon was among the first to produce biobank studies for the needs of commercial actors. Since then, we have understood the huge potential of biobanks and see ourselves in a position where we can and want to support their development.

Today, studies based on different biobanks, registers and hospital data pools are becoming more common both in the public and private sectors. Data sources become more diversified, and the amount and utilisation possibilities of data increase. Medaffcon has sought to be part of the development of this operational environment, actively making its own networks and knowledge basis more favourable for research.

In the future, the operational environment utilising health data will use entirely new kinds of tools, and research possibilities become even more extensive. The possibilities brought by artificial intelligence and Big Data already guide the development trends of the actors in the field, also at Medaffcon.

At Medaffcon, we are devoted to providing means for data-driven decision-making in healthcare and working towards economically sustainable, effective and more individualized treatment care. We believe that Finland is at the forefront of developing tomorrow’s healthcare and mapping the treatment paths of the future. Future Care Finland, a platform that highlights Finnish innovations, technologies and applications that aim to facilitate customized patient care, was born from the desire to share these visions with all people interested in future healthcare and wellbeing. Read more!

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