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At Medaffcon, we are devoted to providing means for data-driven decision-making in healthcare and working towards economically sustainable, effective and more individualized treatment care. We believe that Finland is at the forefront of developing tomorrow’s healthcare and mapping the treatment paths of the future. Future Care Finland, a platform that highlights Finnish innovations, technologies and applications that aim to facilitate customized patient care, was born from the desire to share these visions with all people interested in future healthcare and wellbeing. We bring in new content regularly to showcase new efforts and opportunities provided by the innovative Finnish health ecosystem.


P4 medicine and healthcare shows the direction for future healthcare

P4 medicine and healthcare emphasize predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory healthcare instead of reactive disease care. P4-healthcare represents a new paradigm of future healthcare, empowering individuals to take a more active role in the management of their health. Understanding genetic and lifestyle risk factors, self-monitoring and collection of health data, defining genotype to phenotype connections that reveal underlying disease mechanisms and development of individualized treatment options, are currently being actively promoted and provide immense possibilities for future care.

The content of the Future Care Finland platform is following this future healthcare ideology. The content is categorized into Prevention, Diagnostics, Treatment, Evaluation of effectiveness and Follow-up sections. In addition, Real World Evidence (RWE) is included as a separate category to highlight the possibilities of utilizing health-related data in decision making, sustaining health and promoting the development of customized care. We believe that studies based on RWE have an important role in the process of shifting healthcare toward a more predictive approach.


Future Care Finland website

Our Future Care Finland vision was first time introduced during the Health Awards and Foresight Forum event, held in January 2018. In spring 2018 the site was officially launched.

Visit the Future Care Finland website to learn more.

Future Care Finland


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