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Unique mapping on personalised cancer care

A top-level ecosystem emerging in Finland

Medaffcon is currently mapping the most advanced practices in personalised cancer treatment and the future of cancer care in Finland. The end result of the mapping work will be a platform gathering information on the latest new developments, as well as bringing together the different parties and research knowledge in a novel way. The project will inform various actors about all the opportunities for promoting personalised cancer treatment in Finland.

The future of cancer treatment, and the treatment of many other diseases, lies in multiprofessional teamwork, where the patient receives individually customized treatment which makes use of constantly accumulating information on the patient’s health. Even today, cancer patients in Finland receive very high-quality treatment for their disease. New national projects, technological development and the opportunities related to utilisation of genomic and health data will provide more and more ways of advancing this progress. One stage in the development will be the assessment of the effectiveness of treatment, based on data collected from the patient”, say the Scientific Advisors leading the project at Medaffcon, Maija Wolf and Päivikki Hemmilä.

The results of the mapping will serve Finnish patients, health care professionals, as well as international interested parties. The results will be published in an open online portal in spring 2018.

The work doesn’t end there. The treatment ecosystem is constantly developing, and we want to keep bringing the latest information to the spotlight in the future as well. The project increases awareness and opens dialogue between health care professionals regarding new opportunities to provide personalised cancer treatment. Up-to-date information needs to be made available to patients, as well. Finland has a good chance to develop into a top-class ecosystem in personalised cancer treatment, with knowledge and expertise that serves patients and cancer treatment professionals around the globe,” explain Wolf and Hemmilä.

Additional information

Maija Wolf, Scientific Advisor,, tel. +358 40 5720 615

Päivikki Hemmilä, Scientific Advisor,, tel. +358 45 1200 632

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