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Unique platform promotes efforts to advance customized cancer care

Medaffcon has created a unique platform that collects information about innovative Finnish efforts and technologies that advance the development of customized cancer care. The web portal can be found at

The online portal gathers information about ongoing pilots, innovative technologies and new future possibilities to advance personalized treatment practices and customized patient care. The current investments in Finnish healthcare in the promotion of the use of genome data, coordinated cancer care and biobank research, as well as the utilisation of digital health data, allow us to take cancer care to the next level.

”This launch does not mean that our work is over. In Finland, we have, in addition to the developing ecosystem, several innovative efforts and technologies that can be used to advance cancer care. We need to be more proactive in promoting these efforts, also globally. Using the Future Care Finland platform we will provide up-to-date information to patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we are opening a dialogue between healthcare professionals regarding new opportunities to provide personalised cancer treatment. One step forward will be to assess the effectiveness of treatment based on data collected from patients.” explain Maija Wolf and Päivikki Hemmilä, Scientific Advisors at Medaffcon in charge of the project.

In the future, the Future Care Finland platform will provide services to healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry in various therapy areas. Explore the open content of the site at:

The future of the treatment of many diseases lies in multiprofessional teamwork, where the patient receives personalised treatment which makes use of constantly accumulating data on the patient’s health. Medaffcon is the leading expert in developing new practices for healthcare professionals, networking and gathering the most recent information.


Additional information

Maija Wolf, Scientific Advisor,, tel. +358 40 5720 615

Päivikki Hemmilä, Scientific Advisor,, tel. +358 45 1200 632

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