Medaffcon Oy Customer Feedback 2015

We collected customer feedback on our activities in autumn 2015. With the feedback, we aim at improving the quality of our services and enforcing cooperation with our customers.

We requested our customers to evaluate the quality of our service in different fields: team work, expertise, solution-orientation, customer-orientation (being of service), reaction speed and effectiveness.

Feedback was provided on a scale 1–5 (1=not at all satisfied, 5=extremely satisfied). The average values of our grades were the following:

Team work: 4,29

Expertise: 4,79

Solution-Orientation: 4,21

Customer-Orientation: 4,43

Reaction speed: 4,64

Effectiveness: 4,43


We also collected open feedback with our customers’ views on working with Medaffcon. Below you will find a few extracts from our customers:


“Fluent, fast and timely”

“Meets your expectations and needs extremely well”

“Excellent results, perfect mutual confidence, flexibility, amazing professional know-how.”

“Nothing was lacking. The service was so good that I sometimes think whether there is any point of returning to the previous model.”

”Very good and professional. Services have been fulfilled in a timely manner. I appreciate the proactivity.”


We thank all our customers for your feedback!

All customer feedback is valuable for us, and we have gone through each feedback we received. We appreciate your participation, which provided us the possibility to develop our cooperation.

We look very much forward to our future cooperation!