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Heini Honkanen appointed as Medaffcon’s Market Access Lead

Heini Honkanen has been appointed as Medaffcon’s Market Access Lead. The new Market Access Team was created when the previous Price and Reimbursement and HE & Access Teams were merged. Prior to her new role Heini has been working as Health Economics & Market Access Manager.

Heini Honkanen started in her new role as the Market Access Lead in the beginning of 2023. She has worked at Medaffcon in Access and HE Team extensively in different Access functions and assessment of health technologies since 2018.

– The company, people and functions are familiar, and cooperation continues with existing and new customers. Medaffcon has wide-ranging expertise and excellent experts, and I am excited about this year, says Heini.

Heini holds a master’s degree in Health Economics. She conducted her thesis on the managed entry agreements in the pharmaceutical market, a topic with which she has also worked at Medaffcon.

Treatment alternatives develop and new therapies enter the market for increasingly targeted patient groups. This has also made the market access and pricing of pharmaceuticals more complicated.

Medaffcon’s Market Access Team helps in the processes related to market access and strategic planning.

The operational environment develops and changes, thus we develop our expertise constantly. The transformation of the environment is also visible in our activities in the sense that we help our customers in earlier phases. We aim to utilise our expertise from different departments and find tailor-made solutions for pricing, reimbursement and market access needs.

The market presence of outpatient medicine usually requires from the patient’s perspective that the product is reimbursable. In terms of hospital-only medicine, a requirement is to have a positive introductory decision in hospitals. Optimally, a new medicine should be introduced for the intended patient population at the right time.

– Work is always conducted to achieve the common goal, that is, to produce even better treatment for patients.

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