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Medaffcon’s Market Access team - A vantage point to the industry - Medaffconin Market Access -tiimi tarjoaa näköalapaikan toimialalle

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Medaffcon’s Market Access team provides a vantage point to the entire industry

Medaffcon’s Market Access team provides a vantage point to the trends and development in the entire industry. The team works actively with different actors, while helping customers in processes related to market access and market presence and in strategic planning.

Heini Honkanen has led the six-person team since the beginning of this year.

“Working in Medaffcon and in this team provides a possibility to develop. We work with a variety of actors, both companies and authorities, and we have the possibility to work with the domestic and international leaders in the industry”, says Honkanen.

Versatility of work is an asset

According to Honkanen, the versatility of work is Medaffcon’s absolute asset compared to many other jobs. The work is project-based and varying, thus the experts get to explore different therapy areas and treatments in a rapid pace. Most of the projects deal with the most recent pharmaceutical innovations, allowing us to observe the latest trends in the industry. At the same time, experience and know-how accumulates quickly.

Medaffcon’s teams cooperate with each other. At times, team members also work in customer companies.

Important stakeholders of the Market Access team and our customers include Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) and Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board (Hila). When a pharmaceutical company is about to introduce a new medicine in the market, it starts to communicate with the authorities early on.

The projects usually last 3 – 6 months. A project is carried out by a project manager and a support team consisting of 1 – 3 experts.

Work is flexible, but lunch break starts at 11.04

Medaffcon’s work culture is characterised by flexibility and all work is guided by expertise. Everyone gets to decide where they work. Hierarchy is low.

“Remote work can be done to the extent that suits you, but many of us want to come to the office. We work flexibly, but for years now, lunch break has started at 11.04, when everyone at the office goes to lunch together”, says Honkanen smiling.

Employer’s flexibility enables development

Health Economist and Scientific Project Manager Tanja Nieminen has worked at Medaffcon since November 2016. She holds master’s degrees in both Economics and Health Economics and is currently preparing a doctoral dissertation in Health Economics on the assessment of disease burden and cost-effectiveness in vaccine preventable infections.

“Medaffcon is a flexible employer, which has made it possible to combine work and family life. Flexibility also enables preparing my doctoral dissertation alongside work. Here, a person is seen as an entity”, says Nieminen.

Nieminen describes the spirit at work as positive and the work community pleasant. Work is independent, which means that everyone can impact the flow of their working day. Support from teammates is always available if challenging situations arise.

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