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New RWE themed blog to start in March!

Interested in RWE research?

Health from data is the first real-world evidence themed blog written by a Finnish researcher. This current and practical blog concentrates on trends and developments in the field of RWE research and showcases the different sources and uses of real-world evidence.

Blogger Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti is Medaffcon’s Scientific advisor. Liisa is a research and communications professional with a practical approach to RWE, due to her daily work.

Medaffconin tieteellinen asiantuntija Liisa ukkola-Vuoti kirjoittaa RWE blogia

“Real-world evidence is a great thing for all of us. For healthcare professionals it’s a tool for development and for the patients it’s a promise for better care. Finland has an important role in the RWE research field as our comprehensive and reliable registries have a good reputation worldwide” says Liisa.


RWE research has taken massive leaps in the past years. This young and fast developing field continues to challenge professionals as new developments are constant. Staying up-to-date on literature and new publications is almost impossible as there’s no established forums or bloggers concentrating on these topics.

To whom?

Health from data -blog is for everyone interested in RWE research and the Finnish health data ecosystem and research environment. Even though the posts are based on research, the topics are discussed in a practical and approachable manner. No previous knowledge of the field is required.

Liisa has worked as a researcher both in the public and private sector which allows for a wide range of perspectives. As a scientific author Liisa has a narrative touch to her writing.

Health from Data – RWE blog

A new blog post is published every month. Posts include topics such as utilization, sources and history of RWE and the Finnish research environment. First blog post is published week 10!

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