Expert solutions and always fresh perspectives

Medaffcon provides research and expert services for the needs of the pharmaceutical and health technology industries as well as healthcare fields in Finland, Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe.

The premises of our work always include speed, flexibility and tailor-made solutions – with strong professional expertise and fresh perspectives!

The quality of our services is based on high-quality and wide-ranging substantive and process expertise as well as on our solid cooperation network in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, academic and research fields.

Strong experience

We hold strong and wide-ranging experience in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. Our firm research background supports the management of even complex research frames. Our experts hold extensive experience in different healthcare positions and have a solid process and substantive knowledge. Our experts have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time and are thus well aware of the challenges in the field as well as of the necessary solutions.

Tailored to meet the customer’s needs

Our solutions are always tailored to the customer’s needs. Our expertise is wide-ranging and we can provide solutions for different needs in the healthcare and health technology fields.

Transforming the future

The improvement of effectiveness will hold a central role in future healthcare. Data on treatment effectiveness will be more often used to support decision-making when one wants to take a closer look at the achieved health benefit. The developing ecosystem of health data; biobanks, registers and hospital data pools transform the field of impact assessment and enable entirely new kinds of studies in the healthcare sector.

Medaffcon is known for its strong expertise in impact assessment, and we are actively developing research based on health data and measures that can be utilised in such research.

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Real World Evidence (RWE)

Studies utilizing real world based data

Pricing and Reimbursement

Medicinal products’ pricing and reimbursement processes

Treatment paths and stakeholder mapping (RWP)

Extensive mapping of real world practices and processes

Health Economic Modelling

Health economic modelling to support decision-making

Expert Resourcing

Expert resourcing for your company or community needs

Risk-Sharing Agreements

Risk-sharing agreements’ planning and contract negotiations

MACC -training program

MACC – training program for the changing healthcare environment

At Medaffcon, we are devoted to providing means for data-driven decision-making in healthcare and working towards economically sustainable, effective and more individualized treatment care. We believe that Finland is at the forefront of developing tomorrow’s healthcare and mapping the treatment paths of the future. Future Care Finland, a platform that highlights Finnish innovations, technologies and applications that aim to facilitate customized patient care, was born from the desire to share these visions with all people interested in future healthcare and wellbeing. Read more!

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