Evaluation of effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of care is vital when healthcare is sought to be provided as effectively as possible by allocating the limited resources of society in an optimal manner. Data on treatment effectiveness is increasingly used to support the assessment of health benefits and decision-making.

The developing ecosystem of health data – biobanks, registers, and hospital data pools – will transform the operational field of impact assessment and enable entirely new kinds of studies in the healthcare sector. Medaffcon is known for its strong expertise in impact assessment, and we are actively developing research based on health data and measures that can be utilized in such research.

When operating in the healthcare sector, Medaffcon’s strengths include our experts’ experience in different healthcare positions and solid process and substantive knowledge. Furthermore, we cherish our wide-ranging cooperation network consisting of different actors in the field. Our long-term cooperation with different register holders and our knowledge in biostatistics ensure that we can effectively utilize data from different biobanks, registers and hospital data pools.


For example, we can do:

  • Clinical and impact assessments of treatment processes and methods, in different therapeutic areas and with different cooperation partners
  • Health economic comparison of the current and new operational models and impact assessment with conclusions to support decision-making
  • Consultation in the implementation of new operational models in healthcare units, with suitable cooperation partners, if needed


Read more about the evaluation of effectiveness in the healthcare and social welfare context on our Future Care Finland website. The site is in Finnish.

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Jaana Ahlamaa, Medaffcon Oy
”Impact assessment is one of the core competencies of our company. In impact assessment projects, we are able to combine our strong expertise in health economics, research and science.”
Jaana Ahlamaa
Medical Director, Medaffcon Oy