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Risk-Sharing Agreements

Comprehensive solutions for implementing risk-sharing models.

Confidential price agreements have become more widespread with regard to hospital medicines, while decisions on conditional reimbursement are becoming more established in the price and reimbursement processes of outpatient medicines.

Confidential agreements can be risk-sharing agreements (for example, pay for performance, conditional treatment continuation, or other contracts that reward the patient for the benefit of the treatment) or a method for sharing and managing uncertainty about the cost and effectiveness of medicines to the satisfaction of both parties. This will eventually make the medicine available to those patients who will benefit from it.

In our service concept we:

  • determine the optimal method for evaluating the medicine and, if necessary, take care of the evaluation process to ensure a medicine’s rapid commissioning decision
  • design an optimal price agreement from the perspectives of both parties
  • when necessary, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the selected model and the budget impact for both parties
  • are responsible for the agreement negotiations with hospitals, providing a neutral expert view on what sort of a model could be acceptable for both parties
  • organize the transfer of money and goods on a “turn-key” principle, regardless of whose distribution service is used (e.g. Tamro, Oriola, Magnum)

A successful risk-sharing agreement:

  • helps the parties to work in closer cooperation in the evaluation and implementation of a new form of treatment
  • helps all parties evaluate and set the value for a new or existing form of treatment in a more precise manner
  • ensures optimal treatment pricing to satisfy both parties, for example in cases where the effectiveness and benefits of new forms of treatments are still uncertain for the patient – and it enables the faster implementation and use of such treatment with a more sustainable pricing model
  • enables faster market access to a new form of treatment

Typical project phases

Risk sharing agreements - RSA - Project phases

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