Customized training programs

We organize tailor-made training programs based on your needs. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge base and experience, we can organize training programs in a variety of areas, for example, regarding health economics, the reimbursement of medicines and market access practices, compliance, or real-world evidence utilization. Our training is planned in advance together with our customers so that we can define the goals of the training together. Our training programs can be organized in either Finnish or English. 


Examples of our training programs: 

    Real World Evidence (RWE) Workshop

    The purpose of this workshop is to guide the client to identify current and future opportunities in the Finnish ecosystem. We look at the data sources available, their information content and how the information can be used in different situations as a tool for research and knowledge management. 

    Market Access workshop

    The Market Access workshop provides a comprehensive theoretical part in the introduction and contract procedures for outpatient and in-hospital medicines. There is also a hands-on workshop that explores the use of deeper knowledge in the company’s own pre-agreed formulations and therapeutic areas. 

    Compliance Training

    We provide compliance training sessions on the rules of pharmaceutical marketing. The training consists of both a set of theories (including, among other subjects, the Ethical Guidelines for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the applicable Medicines Act and, where appropriate, local company guidelines) and workshops. Each training session is always tailored to the customer’s needs. 

    Market Access Call Competence training program

    The Market Access Call Competence (MACC) training program is designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of the pharmaceutical market. The training package provides participants with comprehensive information on the reimbursement of medicine and market access practices. The training is tailored to the customer’s needs and can consist of a single component up to the organization of the whole Market Access Call Competence training package. 

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    ”This training provides a very broad and comprehensive understanding of the changing business environment in the pharma and health care industries in Finland. Sales skills with product and therapy area knowledge are no longer sufficient; one must also understand the operative principles of health care from the perspectives of the payer and the society”
    Participant at the MACC-training program
    ”The small group training works well, enables an interactive atmosphere, and facilitates a lot of discussions. Medaffcon’s trainers are the top subject matter experts in Finland with extensive experience and knowledge on the course subjects. Pre-class materials are available in advance and company-specific projects are mentored by Medaffcon.”
    Participant at the MACC-training program
    ”An extremely good course; I recommend it to everyone working with Key Opinion Leaders and/or decision makers at the health care district level.”
    Participant at the MACC-training program