Medaffcon Summer Recreational Day 10.6.2016


At Medaffcon, we have an annual tradition of gathering together every summer to enjoy each other’s company and different outdoor activities. Last Friday Medaffcon personnel headed to Siuntio for our recreation day. The day started with a meeting and after lunch we headed kayaking.

Even though the weather seemed uncertain, with dark clouds surrounding us and even some hail raining on us, in the end we got lucky and were able to enjoy beautiful kayaking weather.

Thank You to everyone at Medaffcon for a great day and special Thanks to SE-Action Oy for arranging such a fun day for us!


Medaffconilaiset Siuntiossa

At Siuntio, in front of our cabin



Medaffconilaiset matkalla melomaan

On our way to the kayaks, not letting the dark clouds bother us

Medaffconilaiset kuuntelemassa viime hetken ohjeistusta

Listening to last minute advice before starting kayaking

Medaffconilaiset melomassa Siuntiossa

In the end we were able to enjoy beautiful weather

Medaffconilaiset Siuntiossa melomassa

Everyone made it without falling over


We want to wish everyone a great summer!