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Timo Karvinen appointed to Medaffcon’s Market Access team

Timo Karvinen joined Medaffcon’s Market Access team as an expert in the beginning of May. He holds wide-ranging experience in the pharmaceutical industry for ca. 30 years. In addition to his extensive expertise, he also brings a whole new service concept to Medaffcon.

Karvinen joined Medaffcon from its parent company Tamro, where he worked since 2019. At Tamro, he developed a new Patient Dynamics concept that he now brought along to Medaffcon and the Market Access team.

Patient Dynamics service concept constitutes, simply put, a patient analysis. It is based on Kela’s data on the number of patients receiving reimbursement.

Patient data helps in positioning a product

According to Karvinen, patient data is of help, for example, when a pharmaceutical company considers how to position its product in the treatment path compared to competitors’ products. At the same time, the company can assess the user potential of the medicine.

Information can be collected on whether the product is the primary medicine in the treatment path or if it appears later, which medicines are changed and which indications patients taking a certain medicine have.

“Many pharmaceuticals are taken for several different indications and the analysis helps in finding out all the indications for which physicians prescribe a certain medicine. At the same time, one can assess adherence and how many new patients will appear”, states Karvinen.

Medaffcon enables experts to develop

Patient Dynamics service concept is only one part of Karvinen’s work at Medaffcon. In addition to it, his area of responsibility covers key Market Access tasks, such as the preparation of pricing and reimbursability applications as well as health economic analyses.

“I would like to work on a variety of issues. I really appreciate the fact that Medaffcon has a great spirit as well as support and sparring available. I get to learn new issues and develop.”

In the pharmaceutical industry, Karvinen is excited about its significance. He accidentally entered the business, but it has taken him over.

“With my small contribution, I can influence which treatments enter the market and ensure the realisation of high-quality treatment. When talking about human health, things are important”, tells Karvinen.

Before starting at Tamro, he worked at pharmaceutical company MSD in different tasks a total of 24 years.

For Medaffcon’s customers, Karvinen aims at providing such data and analysis that helps them make the right decisions. You gain a feeling of success when the data is available and possible challenges overcome.

Market access team leader Heini Honkanen is happy of the latest recruitment.

“Timo holds excellent experience as well as wide-ranging vision and understanding of the entire industry. We gained a top talent”, states Honkanen gratefully.

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