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Medaffcon’s trainee culture

At Medaffcon, we have invested in young professionals’ career development for years. By employing trainees, we have found new top professionals while simultaneously opening doors for future careers.

The support of experienced colleagues and the guidance of the superiors guarantee that all our experts, including our trainees, produce results in accordance with our values. We provide young people the possibility to show their skills, while guiding and supporting them in their development and in the transfer from studies to working life.

Medaffcon logo Oulun lääketieteen opiskelijat 2016
Oulu Medicine students

In addition to benefiting the trainees, the traineeships have helped us find top talents for years. Inspired by the positive experiences, we are proud to continue this culture.

Lotta Koski - Medaffcon Market Access
Lotta Koski

“Traineeship is the best way to learn to apply the theory gained through studies in practical work, particularly since university education is often fairly theory-focused in Finland. Providing a trainee position is a significant experience for young people in terms of their future careers. Students may bring vigorous attitude and new perspectives to the working environment.”

“The trainee position at Medaffcon is my first job where I’ve worked in my own field. Being a trainee has meant daily learning of new issues, insights, challenges and valuable work experience for the future. The best part is that I have already noticed that I’ve learned plenty of new things, I have become more interested in the field and I’ve been able to utilised in practice what I have learned at the school bench.”

Lotta Koski – Lotta is currently working as a trainee in the Market Access team. Lotta studies in the Health Economics Master’s programme at the University of Eastern Finland. Read through Lotta’s expert profile by clicking here!

“Working at Medaffcon means working in a group with diversified and extensive knowledge. However, working in an expert organisation is not boring but the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone has a genuine interest towards their work.”

“The atmosphere at the workplace is relaxed regardless of age, gender or educational background.”

Tatu Sainio – Tatu started as a trainee at Medaffcon in late summer 2016 and is completing his studies in Health Economics at the University of Eastern Finland. After the traineeship, Tatu became a regular employee in Medaffcon’s Market Access team. Read about Tatu’s previous experience and degrees in his expert profile by clicking here!

Tatu Sainio - Medaffcon Market Access
Tatu Sainio
Mikko Kosunen - Medaffcon Market Access
Mikko Kosunen

“Medaffcon provides an excellent view of the Finnish pharmaceutical industry and its interest groups. The work entails constant cooperation with different departments of pharmaceutical companies and varying healthcare sectors.”

“Working at Medaffcon means working with meaningful, varying and challenging projects, requiring constant development and growing responsibility.”

“The most important issue for me was to have a chance. The key is no what you already know but the desire to learn new.”

Mikko Kosunen – Mikko started at Medaffcon in 2013 directly after his traineeship in a pharmaceutical company. Currently, Mikko works as a Health Economic Expert, with Health Economics as his speciality in general, and modelling in its various forms in particular. Read about Mikko’s previous work experience in his expert profile by clicking here!

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