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Medaffcon has in-depth Understanding of the Needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry - the Client Receives Turnkey Solution from Real-World Evidence (RWE) Generation to a Value Dissemination Plan

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Medaffcon has in-depth Understanding of the Needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry –

The Client Receives Turnkey Solution from Real-World Evidence (RWE) Generation to a Value Dissemination Plan

When a pharmaceutical company is looking for a partner for RWE (real-world evidence) generation and associated market access projects, it’s eager to find a scientifically competent partner who understands the dynamic landscape and market. 

“High scientific level and solid evidence generation methods, combined with a strategic project management, are the basic prerequisites for all of our projects,” says Medaffcon’s Lead RWE Epidemiologist, PhD Johanna Simin

Selecting the right interactions is a key factor for success. Therefore, the client should also consider how well the partner understands the pharmaceutical industry’s needs. When the partner has extensive hands-on experience from the industry, these irreplaceable insights enable the partner to guide the project at different strategic levels, ensuring that the client’s various needs can be identified and met.  

“Medaffcon, with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, fulfills these needs with a proven track record of over 10 years in Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies. Our multidisciplinary team has extremely strong expertise directly from the pharmaceutical industry. We are accustomed to working at local and global levels of pharmaceutical companies. Combined with the high scientific and academic expertise, this truly benefits the client”, Medaffcon’s Lead RWE Epidemiologist, PhD Johanna Simin says. 

Medaffcon employs over 8  experts in RWE (real-world evidence) and has a Data Team of 8 experts. Additionally, it also has 7 experts in the Market Access Team.  

“We can execute projects flexibly, swiftly, and with high quality. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 75,” says Medaffcon’s Lead RWE Epidemiologist, PhD Johanna Simin. 

Multidisciplinary Nordic Expertise: RWE, Market Access, and Data Analysis 

Another characteristic of a strong RWE (real-world evidence) partner is having a multidisciplinary team, including experts from various fields. It ensures that the pharmaceutical company can get all the answers to its needs on a turnkey basis. Medaffcon has been carrying out RWE (real-world evidence) studies for over 10 years. 

“We can offer the client a complete solution, from securing the permits to a ready project. In addition to RWE generation, we are accustomed to HTA (health technology assessment) processes and regulatory requirements, reimbursement and pricing processes in the Nordics as a whole”, Medaffcon’s Lead RWE Epidemiologist, PhD Johanna Simin says.

Medaffcon Helps with Value Dissemination Plan

Value dissemination plan for the project can be made as soon as the RWE generation process is being planned.  

A value dissemination plan can be prepared as an outcome of the RWE generation process, ensuring that the results are being communicated and utilized as effectively as possible to various key stakeholders using multiple approaches. This naturally enhances the project’s cost-benefit ratio, as the client gets the maximal value from it. 

With the experienced partner like Medaffcon client can expect smooth and timely collaboration.  Medaffcon has implemented over 370 projects in 2022-2023. The customer experience is excellent and NPS (Net Promoter Score) reflecting customer satisfaction is 75. 

Medaffcon Knows the Nordic Data 

The Nordic nationwide, population-based, and disease-specific health data registries are globally unique. The quality of the data compensates for the population number in the Nordic countries. 

“Local experience is the key. Data sources must be identified and recognized, knowing which data is suitable to produce meaningful information. Not all data fits all purposes”, Medaffcon’s, Lead RWE Epidemiologist, PhD Johanna Simin states. 

The requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for suppliers are strict; for example, data retention is tightly regulated. 

“All data at Medaffcon is stored and handled in a highly secure remote environment with strict access. We are very familiar with the regulations regarding data sharing, and we have solutions for utilizing data from Norway and Denmark”, Medaffcon’s Lead RWE Epidemiologist, PhD Johanna Simin says.  

Medaffcon’s Strengths as a Pharmaceutical Industry Partner in Nordic:

  • High scientific and academic expertise and highly educated experts 
  • Key personnel have firsthand experience working in the pharmaceutical industry 
  • Experience from projects at both local and global levels of pharmaceutical organizations 
  • Multidisciplinary team: RWE and market access specialists, data and analytics expertise, medical specialists 
  • Offers the client a turnkey solution from securing the permits and research planning to a value dissemination plan 
  • In-depth understanding of the Nordic data infrastructure and ecosystem, with expertise and knowledge of Nordic data and applicable regulations  
  • Customer Experience is excellent at Medaffcon, NPS=75  
  • Strong and agile teamwork among teams

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