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Leveraging Swedish Real-World Health Data for Research and Development

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Leveraging Swedish Real-World Health Data for Research and Development

Swedish real-world health data, a recent addition to the in-house capabilities of Medaffcon, offer unique possibilities for measuring disease burdens and determinants, the effects of different exposures, and the outcomes of various health conditions in a population of almost 10.5 million people.

The Nordics, with their exceptional data sources and infrastructure, are clear forerunners in the real-world data and evidence landscape. By leveraging its access and understanding of the high-quality healthcare services, massive digital data repositories, and research-supportive operating environment in the Nordics, Medaffcon is uniquely positioned to be a reliable and valuable partner for organisations eager to utilise healthcare data for research and product development.

Why Sweden is the Gold Mine of RWE?

  • The data are distributed between several owners and dozens of national and regional databases, hospitals, researcher-generated databases, around 400 biobanks, and 100 disease-specific quality registers.
  • Findings from Swedish or Finnish well-designed RWE studies applying rigorous methods can be extrapolated to other relatively similar populations and settings.

Smooth Permit Processes

The permit processes for Swedish data tend to be smooth. The Swedish Ethical Review Authority typically assesses the application within 60 days. Once received, the data can be applied from the data owner and utilised for future projects if they fall within the parameters defined in the granted ethical permit, are started within two years from receiving the permit, and their results are published.

“That’s precisely what we’ve done in several of our larger projects. With a single well-covered ethical application and detailed data application, we’ve been able to maximise data use and answer clinically important research questions in up to 20 publications,” reveals Medaffcon’s lead RWE specialist, Dr. Johanna Simin, PhD MSc, a clinical epidemiologist with a PhD from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Dedicated Team at Your Service

Medaffcon’s dedicated team of RWE and Data Analysts can handle all aspects of your RWE project, from design and project management to analytics and publications. Whether you need end-to-end support or assistance with specific parts of your RWE needs, we have the capabilities and flexibility to meet your requirements.

Medaffcon has a track record of nearly 10 years of RWE solutions. We have done 35 RWE Publications in these years, and we have delivered over 360 projects to leading pharma companies in 2022-2023. To learn more about our expertise and the projects we have successfully delivered to leading pharma companies over the past 10 years, please visit our website and explore our selected publications.

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