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Medaffcon's Expertise and Commitment Driving Customer Success in 2023

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Medaffcon’s Expertise and Commitment Driving Customer Success in 2023

Medaffcon takes pride in its dedicated team of RWE and Data Analysts, who bring with them a wealth of expertise and a decade-long track record.

We offer comprehensive support for a wide range of RWE projects, making Medaffcon a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare research and development. With 35 publications and a remarkable success rate of over 370 projects delivered to leading pharma companies from 2022-2023, our proven track record speaks for itself.

Key Numbers:

  • Expert Team:
    A collective experience of 30 professionals’ spans across Real World Evidence, Market Access, and Medical Affairs teams in 2022 and 2023, ensure a holistic approach to our projects.
  • Specialized Focus:
    In 2023, our RWE & Data Teams have 14 specialists dedicated exclusively to Real World Evidence (RWE) studies, ensuring in-depth insights and solutions.
  • Project Portfolio:
    Currently engaged in 75 ongoing RWE projects and 12 Real World Evidence publications produced in 2023.
  • National and In-House Capabilities:
    Leveraging Swedish healthcare registries and maintaining in-house capabilities for real-world data in Sweden, we enhance the precision and reliability of our research.
  • Support Teams:
    Our Sales, Marketing, and Admin teams, consisting of 6 dedicated members, ensure seamless coordination, allowing our experts to focus on delivering exceptional results.
  • Client Satisfaction:
    Demonstrating our commitment to excellence, our Net Promoter Score is 75

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