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At Medaffcon, we actively follow the topical issues in our field. We also deem it useful to inform our customers about them and to include our own views. This is why our Latest News section is constituted by a collection of our experts’ blog posts rather than by just short and general news topics. Welcome to read these interesting topics!

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Corporate Acquisition of Tamro and Medaffcon

The corporate acquisition of Tamro and Medaffcon opens up new opportunities for the utilisation of medical information in the impact assessment of pharmaceuticals and healthcare


On Friday 28 Apr 2017, Tamro and Medaffcon signed a trade agreement with which Tamro acquires the research and expert service company Medaffcon in its entirety. The corporate acquisition strengthens Tamro’s...

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Risk-Sharing Models

In our customer event in April, we examined risk-sharing models  from three different perspectives. Director Lauri Pelkonen from the Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board (HILA) discussed the issue as a new element in the national pricing and reimbursement process, Chief Assessment Physician Miia Turpeinen addressed the matter from the perspectives of a catchment area for highly specialised medical...

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