About us

Medaffcon has been operating since 2009, providing research and expert services for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals. Our activities are characterized by wide-ranging expertise, solid cooperation networks and the development of innovative solutions.

Our experts have held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, research and academic institutions, and they represent a broad range of scientific disciplines, creating the unique expertise supply of Medaffcon.

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Why our customers choose us

Medaffcon’s combination of health economics and medical expertise is something unique. Understanding both the medical and health economics perspectives, we can provide customers with comprehensive overviews to promote health. From the beginning, we have invested in continuous development and strong networks to keep us on the cutting edge of the wave of progress in the healthcare industry.

We believe that the best results are achieved by working together and developing. Therefore, we want to break down the barriers between the various actors and harness our mutual expertise to achieve a common goal; to provide better care for patients, both in Finland and internationally.


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