Jaana Ahlamaa established Medaffcon in 2009. Already the following year, Jarmo Hahl and Tatu Miettinen joined the team of owners, as the trio realized the opportunity to combine their expertise and provide entirely new types of expert services. Since its inception, it has been characteristic of Medaffcon to develop new operational models by utilizing its unique expertise in medical and health economic affairs.

An entire team of like-minded experts with different educational and occupational backgrounds started to rapidly aggregate around this core group. As our fields of expertise have expanded, our service supply has also become more diversified, covering more and more research and strategy services for an even wider range of customers. Today, Medaffcon employs about 30 full-time experts in different scientific disciplines.

Medaffcon is known for its strong expertise in the evaluation of effectiveness, and we are actively developing research based on health data and measures that can be utilized in such research. Our aim for constant improvement is also reflected in our wide-ranging cooperation with different actors in the healthcare sector, especially with regard to health data. In the future, biobanks, registers, and hospital data pools will enable entirely new kinds of studies.

Medaffcon started its operation under the name of AT Medical Affairs Consulting Oy, and the pithier name Medaffcon was adopted soon after the establishment of the company. As of spring 2016, Medaffcon has been the official name of the company.

Through a corporate acquisition, Medaffcon was transferred under Tamro in May 2017, simultaneously joining the Europe-wide PHOENIX group.


Tatu Miettinen, Jaana Ahlamaa and Jarmo Hahl


Our vision and mission

Our vision is to act as a selected strategic partner for our customers and cooperation partners. Our way of working is to actively extend our cooperation networks in Finland and abroad. Through constant personal and organizational development, we can provide our customers with new meaningful perspectives and solutions.

Our values

Integrity – We do not compromise ethics – not even for the sake of other business demands.

Customer- and solution-orientation – All our activities and services aim solely at solving our customers’ challenges in a successful manner.

Cooperation – Wide knowledge base, broad experience, and comprehensive cooperation networks enable smooth cooperation in different fields, providing us with a unique platform to serve our customers’ interests.

Constant development – High-quality service is based on continuous, personal development on an individual level. We actively encourage and usher this!