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Corporate Acquisition of Tamro and Medaffcon

The corporate acquisition opens up new opportunities for the utilisation of medical information in the impact assessment of pharmaceuticals and healthcare

On Friday 28 Apr 2017, Tamro and Medaffcon signed a trade agreement with which Tamro acquires the research and expert service company Medaffcon in its entirety. The corporate acquisition strengthens Tamro’s wide-ranging service provision and supports Medaffcon in its growth and internationalisation targets.

Medaffcon is a research and expert service company established in 2009, which works in the field of medicine and healthcare and employs 22 experts. Medaffcon is a solid expert in medical and health economical services. The company has pioneered in conducting the first commercial biobank studies in Finland and in developing assessment methods to evaluate treatment effectiveness. Medaffcon’s turnover was 2.5 M€ in 2016, and firm growth is expected for 2017.
Tamro has already a solid view and experience in developing and connecting the entire chain of medical treatment. Our own expertise in the utilisation of medical data brings extent to Tamro’s service provision. Tamro’s shoulders also support us in our growth and internationalisation targets. It is great to together export Finnish healthcare knowledge to the world, stated Medaffcon’s Managing Director Jarmo Hahl.

Tamro wants to increase its role in the healthcare and welfare sectors for the benefit of Finnish people. Along with the corporate acquisition, Tamro and Medaffcon together form a strong actor – our common aim is to be the most significant producer and provider of medical information services. In the future, it is ever more important to be able to utilise people’s medical information as extensively as possible and the effectiveness of healthcare must be measured and assessed exhaustively. Medaffcon is the top in its field and therefore a great partner for Tamro, told Managing Director Kai Kaasalainen.

Further information:

Medaffcon Oy

Jarmo Hahl, Managing Director,, tel. +358 40 139 4001

Jaana Ahlamaa, Director, Medical Affairs,, +358 50 5767325

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