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The leading European HEOR meeting ISPOR Europe 2023 of the year is approaching

Coming up soon, Copenhagen will be the center of health economics as more than five thousand pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals gather for the ISPOR conference. ISPOR has been well known, especially among health economists. However, this years’ top trends real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) attract even wider audience.

The use of RWD has increased in health economics, which is why ISPOR has also become popular among RWD professionals. This year, RWD and RWE will be discussed in numerous presentations, workshops, posters, and discussions.

ISPOR, the conference organizer, is globally recognized as the preeminent professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR).  ISPOR’s community boasts an impressive membership of over 19,000 individuals and chapters spanning over a hundred countries worldwide. 

ISPOR publishes a biennial Top 10 HEOR Trends Report, which highlights the latest trends in healthcare decision-making worldwide. The topics are compiled using information from HEOR conferences and events, as well as articles and blogs.

The RWE has held the first place on the trend list for two years now. Before that – in 2019 – RWE was in third place. In 2018, RWE didn’t show up on the list yet – and no wonder, as it’s a relatively new field of science. 

In addition, several topics on the trend list are associated with the top performer RWE. RWD, which holds the ninth position, and value assessment, which ranks second, are also linked to RWE. RWE is derived from RWD and value assessment can evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment by comparing the healthcare resource utilization costs of patients who have been treated versus those who have not. 
Artificial intelligence (AI) ranked tenth is also connected with RWD. AI can be utilized for several RWE needs, such as the virtual control arm, extracting unstructured data from patient texts, or generating synthetic data.

Greetings when we meet at ISPOR Europe 2023

Medaffcons’ experts have traditionally participated in ISPOR. This year, ten of us will be present. We have extensive experience in RWE utilization and health economics. We know Finnish RWD inside out we have been involved in numerous pharmaceutical industry projects. 

We are eagerly anticipating engaging in insightful lectures and discussions at ISPOR Europe 2023 or in future events. We would be delighted to discuss Finnish RWD and the trends of RWE, whether it be through chance encounters or prior arrangement.

Author: Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti

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